How To Get Started Blogging

Welcome this training on the topic of Blogging. Starting your own blog can be a very exciting time as well as a very intimidating time she during this beginning in your journey. I want to cover is a little practice that I do with all the students I teach. It’s a little method that will allow you to find your angle and to find your niche, find your message and then I’ll explain what I use on my website and on my blog sites.

I believe this is the perfect solution for getting yourself started. One of the most important things to figure out is what is the message that I’m putting out there and who is going to be receiving that message. When a lot of people start blogging they are kind of all over the map. I too was guilty of this. Typically we have a lot of different interests and naturally we lean to wanting to write about everything that crosses our minds.

However in order to be successful with the blog you need to find your niche and sometimes your sub-niche within that niche in order to target your audience and be able to speak directly to them about the topic that you are both passionate about. For example, say you’re passionate about football well there are a lot of sub-niches in football, it can be a lot of things… we could talk about middle school students looking to find information about football training so that they can hone their skills. This would be a very different audience to say an NFL fan or even a college fan.

How To Find Your Blogging Voice

You want to find one voice and stick with it. For example you use a certain kind of voice with your grandmother, which is a  little bitdifferent than the voice you use when you are hanging out with your friends, It’s like we put on a different hat so to speak. So when you are blogging you do not want to jump around between different voices of else you will loose your connection with your readers. Also make sure this is your own voice, your authentic voice. You can make a lot of money blogging about your passion, by giving out information to the world (to the marketplace)

Building Your Blog/Website

You might want to hire a website designer to do some of the HTML coding necessary to launch a website, however the WordPress platform is free and very easy to use once you become familiar with all of the settings. It is very simple to use the drag and drop interface and the post and page editor looks just like Microsoft Word, you can edit things like that… really simply use and there is actually a community of developers who like looking at code and PHP in an online forum who are there to help and they develop a library of plugins that you put in your site with a couple clicks of your mouse and you can optimize your website which is really awesome.

Word Press is The Best

If you look at all the top bloggers they’re using this platform and what the platform is… it’s  I wish someone would have told me this way back when I started out. Now it’s different to, you want to use the .org version. It’s super powerful and it’s what I use with great success. It looks great, it makes you look really professional and you will easily impress people with your blog. This is the solid short cut to having a professional online presence and you will be able to link out to other online properties like Google Plus